Cheating husband‘s double life exposed in John O’Farrell book

The brutal take-down has gone viral after it was discovered tucked inside a second-hand book purchased at a charity shop.

When English man Dean Cuthbert bought a copy of John O’Farrell’s ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ in a charity shop last week, he thought he was getting a proper bargain.

But alongside a page-turning novel about a married man leading a double life, the York man unwittingly stumbled upon some real-life drama too.

Inside the book, Dean discovered a note from a woman called Sarah to her husband Chris.

Referencing the infidelity in the plot, the wife wrote: “Chris, is this what you thought you could do with me? Lead a double life with your so-called ‘recreational relationships’ leaving me completely unaware, bringing up our children, and thinking you were just a workaholic and that’s why you were away from home so much.

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“What a b**tard you have been to me. Sarah.”

Unsure what to make of it, Dean posted a picture of the note – which was written on a yellow sticky note – on Facebook.

After it racked up hundreds of comments, the man started wondering if it was some sort of publicity stunt to promote the novel.

“I must admit at first I thought it was strange,” Dean said. ”I thought it might have been a free gift in a promotional book.”

But as the savage note went viral on social media, the author himself even chimed in.

Weighing in on the matter, John O’Farrell said: “I think Sarah’s plan was, ‘Chris will read this note and this book and then feel shame.’

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“And Chris just thought, ‘Oh, she gave me a book. Well that can go straight to the charity shop.’

“I had the double life idea for that book as a sort of metaphor for how fathers of young kids are suddenly very busy at work when babies come along.

“But it seems like someone was doing it literally!”

Dean’s post has already gathered over 600 likes and hundreds of comments since it was posted earlier this week.
One person said: “I hope her revenge didn’t end there.”

Another wrote: “Go Sarah! Go Sarah! I hope she went, and stayed away, bad news buddy, no one needs that sh*t.”

A fourth user said: “Poor Sarah, wonder what happened next?”

“This is like the start of a film,” another wrote. ”I‘m Team Sarah all the way, hope she’s OK now!”

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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