Cheeky Bride Slammed for Asking Strangers to Pay for Her Wedding

A bride-to-be has been slammed after a picture of her attempt to get strangers to send her money towards her wedding was shared on Reddit’s ‘wedding shaming’ page

The woman’s attempt at saving money didn’t go down well with social media users

Getting engaged is a hugely exciting time for a couple.

But once reality hits you may start thinking about money, and realise how much the big day is really going to cost.

One bride had an idea to help raise the money she needed ‘to plan her dream’ day – but it didn’t go down well with people online.

She decided to write a message on her car asking strangers to contribute to her costs.

In a photo, uploaded to Reddit, the bride’s car clearly displays the message: “I’m engaged! Help me plan my dream wedding!” followed by the woman’s Venmo details – a money transfer service.

An unimpressed passer-by posted the cheeky post to the ‘wedding shaming’ page, with the caption: “Note use of the words ‘I’m’ and ‘my’, not ‘we/our’.”

Users branded the request “tacky”, and the bride “entitled” for asking people to put money towards her wedding.

One person said: “Do people actually donate when they see this? I find it tacky.”

Another agreed: “This is like the brides that expect their guests to pay for their extravagant wedding, but somehow worse because you’re asking strangers who won’t even be there.

“I know nobodies forcing anyone to pay, but this feels so entitled to even ask. [sic]”

While a third said: “Okay now this is a prime example of tacky window writing. They took the trend of ‘buy me a shot’ into ‘pay for my whole wedding’. What a weirdo.”

Meanwhile, a couple were slammed for threatening to uninvite guests who refused to pay for their wedding.

One unhappy guest took to Reddit to ask whether it would be unreasonable to not want to pay for their food at a couple’s wedding after being asked to pay for so much already.

“We are having to pay for stag and hen parties, new outfits (there is also a specific dress code) hotels, travel, alcohol, and take time off of work as the wedding isn’t on a weekend. It feels like the last thing they could have provided us with was a meal,” they said.

See how Reddit users reacted here.


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