Cheeky cops stack McDonald’s boxes on sleeping customer’s head

Footage of a police officer stacking empty McDonald’s boxes on the head of a sleeping lad has left viewers in stitches.

In the video, which has gone viral on TikTok with more than 27 million views, a McDonald’s customer is slumped in his chair and appears to be deep in sleep at one of the fast-food restaurants in Australia.

Laughing cops balance a fries box on the shoulder of the snoozer while other people giggle in the background.

The dozing customer already has a paper bag on his head and some other McDonald’s boxes on his shoulder after becoming a target of pranksters.

Footage shows a police officer balance a box on a sleeping customer

Since the clip was uploaded by the user @madmonday it has been “liked” more than 3 million times and many people commented that they loved the Aussie sense of mischief.

One user wrote: “I don’t think people understand this but Aussies are pranksters by nature uniform or not.”

“I feel bad but it’s hilarious,” admitted a second viewer of the viral clip.

A third person quipped: “You know you’re in Australia when everyone joins in on the pranks at Maccas.”

The lad seems to be deep in sleep
The lad seems to be deep in sleep

“I walked into Maccas once and there was a table full of cops and they were laughing at cat videos,” said another user.

Someone else joked: “That’s why kids have a chip on their shoulders nowadays.”

This comes after an annoyed McDonald’s worker filmed themselves appearing to deliberately mess up a customer’s order after they gave him “attitude”.

In the viral clip, the staff member makes a chilled frappe with whipped cream but instead of the usual caramel sauce they add sweet N sour.

The McDonald’s worker later said they had been fired and viewers of the video confessed they had complained to McDonald’s and reported him.

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