Cheeky pigeon caught on camera ‘shoplifting’ peanuts from supermarket

Everyone has bad days now and again and when they do people often indulge in some chocolate or splurge on some new clothes for their wardrobe. However, one person has been cheered up in a rather more unusual way.

Hilariously, someone beat the blues after encountering a ‘shoplifting’ pigeon when out and about and he claims it turned his day on its head.

They took to Reddit to share the cheeky clip and titled the post: “I encountered a shoplifting pigeon today and he’s the best.

“Made my cr** day much better.”

In the attached video, the pigeon perched itself on the bottom shelf of the aisle and started to help itself to a big bag of peanuts.

Pecking away at the nutty snack, the bird can be seen having a field day with peanuts flying onto the floor.

The pigeon pecked at the bag of nuts
(Image: r/CasualUK)

After tucking into the peanuts, the pigeon realised it had been caught red handed and started to hop away from the evidence it had left behind.

Here’s hoping this heist-pulling bird managed to escape the long arm of the law!

People quickly took to the comments to share their love for the bold bird and joke around.

One person commented: “He’s brilliant!” while another person added: “Hit the jackpot so it did”

A third wrote: “It wouldn’t talk even if captured, Nobody likes a stool pigeon!”

pigeon on wooden floor
The pigeon tried to make a hop for it after being caught on camera
(Image: r/CasualUK)

Another person added: “Shoplifting? How dare you! Pidge is employed to clean stray food merchandise from the store lest rats or mice are attracted in.”

“He does a sterling job, though they pay him peanuts…”

We wonder how the pigeon managed to get that far into the shop in the first place…

Have you ever seen something strange in the supermarket? Tell us in the comments below…


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