Cheers To The Downfall Of White Fragility

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Could The Real Housewives of New York be returning to its former glory? Sonja Morgan’s spinning tall tales. Luann de Lesseps’ ego is showing. Ramona Singer’s being a chaos monster. Finally, things are starting to feel right in the world of New York Housewives. It’s time for Eboni K. Williams’ Black Shabbat, which is already a source of contention between her and Ramona. The Singer Stinger is being forced to undergo so many informative events this year. How long until she cracks?

It’s bizarre to see the other Black cast member Bershan Shaw not be included in this event. There’s no reason to leave her out of an all-cast event. There should never be a place for that on a show like this. It’s unacceptable and alters the entire flow of the show and the dynamic. By only including the women she selected, it’s like Eboni’s purposely looking for trouble. Does she want the drama?

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Does anyone really believe Leah McSweeny’s Judaism conversion is a real thing? It feels like she wanted something for her storyline this season, which she landed on. It’s completely out of the left field. It’s a shame to think she might be making a mockery of a genuine thing. She tries way too hard to be the “big thing” of NYC.

Leah & Eboni talk about the Black Shabbat party, which still makes no sense. Why is the only other Black woman in the group being excluded? You’re telling me RAMONA SINGER gets an invite, but Bershan doesn’t. Something’s wrong with that picture.

There’s no excuse for icing out Bershan. She’s a hell of a lot more fun than Eboni. So give us more Bershan and less Eboni.

Ramona’s still pursuing her new real estate career. Buckle up for an entire season in the future of her telling people not to buy on the highway. Every season she’s launching some faux business or dead-end career move. Sonja gets flack constantly for having fake businesses, but Ramona’s name should be right up there. How does she get away with essentially the same thing as Sonja?

Ramona’s making an effort to at least make this look somewhat legit. She has a lot to learn and some tact to implement, but maybe she has a future with this. However, by next season she will be on to the next chapter. Ramona is always finding ways to fake reinvent herself for the cameras.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Eboni shares the news with the new genealogist that she wasn’t a match to Ashley. This has caused so much heartache already for Eboni. All she wishes for is to find a family and be accepted. Eboni was certain which man was her biological father, but now she’s forced to return to the drawing board.

Eboni’s excited about this new approach to finding out who she is. It could take less than a week before the answers she’s seeking fall in her lap. Hopefully, this go-around turns out better than the previous attempt.

How much can this woman take before she calls it quits on the search for her paternity? A person can only withstand so much disappointment before they throw in the towel.

Sonja meets Brad for the date hand-selected by the matchmaker Eboni introduced her to. Sonja’s first attempt into the matchmaking sea left her with the largest catfish of them all. This man looks nothing like his profile photos. Were they taken decades ago? Everything is not as it seems.

Sonja’s making the best of an uncomfortable situation here. He’s a nice man, but there’s no chance of this ending in a relationship or even a second date. Sonja deserves the world, and this is NOT it.

Sonja’s date is also sharing way too much about his medical history. Who goes into details about their back surgeries on a first date? The one redeeming quality about him was a house in France, but he sold the damn thing. Can someone give Sonjarita a break? Although it’s probably a good thing, she doesn’t revisit France. Wasn’t she allegedly fucking around in the south of France, and it caused her divorce? We don’t need to give her any flashbacks to her divorce from a million years ago.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

None of the women (sans Leah) appear to have any idea what Black Shabbat is. Unfortunately for Eboni, Leah won’t be able to attend the event in person. Leah was exposed to COVID-19, so she is forced to stay at home. She’ll be there in Zoom form. It’s almost better that she won’t be there in person. We won’t have to listen to her fake wokeness all night. The moment she gets out of hand, we can have someone hang up the call.

This season is not working. They’re spending almost the entire season outside of the city. I understand they’re filming in a global pandemic, so we should be grateful for forgetting something. However, this is not it. This is not a season anyone should have to be a part of.

Sonja’s not happy about Leah’s absence because her other friends don’t really want to be there. The irony in all of this is with Leah not attending; technically, a spot opened up for Bershan. There’s NO EXCUSE at this point to leave her out. It will NEVER make sense why Eboni left out the only other Black woman of this group.

Luann throwing snowballs at Sonja in their glamorous dresses and heels is top-tier NYC. Say what you want about the show and the cast, but those three (Ramona included) have immense chemistry. These are three women who genuinely vibe and have many years of history behind them. They’re staples of this show and should remain.

Luann looks somewhat overdressed for this event. She’s giving off Golden Globes instead of Black Shabbat. That being said, you can’t take away how gorgeous this woman looks. She and Ramona do NOT age. They look younger and more vibrant than ever. I need ALL of what they’re doing to capture their youth so far into their lives.

Ramona’s so rude to the event at this event. She’s talking shit about the napkins and the plates. Seriously? Nothing’s able to meet her impossible standards. She can’t help herself. Most people would show up, keep their mouths shut, and act as a model guests. Ramona wouldn’t know manners if it bit her in her Pinot-filled ass.

Sonja appreciates Eboni taking the time actually to understand who she is as a person. Even though she has a history with the other two, they don’t have her best interests at heart. She discusses being an extroverted introvert, but of course, Luann doesn’t buy it. Well, Lu, you’re mistaken. It’s so common for some introverts to perform while they’re out, but inside it’s draining. I relate to that all too well. Please don’t act like you truly know her when you don’t know her.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Most people in attendance are NOT Jewish. So part of me feels confused by what this dinner actually means and what it’s for. I feel ignorant.

Ramona makes valid points about how odd it is to talk to Leah on the phone constantly. She’s not there in person, so it’s weird to keep directing attention to the Zoom, so Leah’s in the loop. It isn’t enjoyable. Leah always has to make herself the center of attention. Enough’s enough. This isn’t the world, according to Leah. Spend timeless time married to the mob and more time married to some basic manners.

Ramona discusses almost converting to Judaism in the past for a man. He wasn’t grateful for it, though, so she split and never followed through with it. For her, that works. For Eboni & Leah, we might have a different outcome.

Leah does do a beautiful prayer, and the commitment to it really shined through. So maybe it’s not a fake conversion after all. The nice moment is interrupted by sparring between Ramona & Eboni. Ramona wants so badly not to acknowledge the marginalization of people of color. It’s painful for Eboni to listen to this, but at the same time, Ramona’s speaking her truth.

These conversations would have so much potential if Ramona didn’t always shut it down or run away. Unfortunately, one of the reasons these conversations keep popping up is that Eboni’s never allowed to follow through fully. I do find it annoying to an extent how much she discusses it, but Ramona’s outrageous.

Ramona tells a story about Jewish people shunning her while she was in college. This is such an inappropriate conversation for this dinner. Why can’t she open herself up to listening to the plights of others? It’s alright for every conversation not to find a way to come back to white people. White fragility is real, and Ramona is putting on full display in this episode.

Ramona is shitting all over this dinner. Nobody is listening to her, but there’s a reason for that. Trashing the entire community for shunning you isn’t the way to go about this. Ramona leaves the room, which Eboni calls attention to, but Ramona overhears.

This isn’t a good look for Ramona. There are some things you don’t do. So why is this triggering to her? Listening to Ramona bitch about being in a car for an hour and a half is so irrelevant. She gives a half-apology to everyone, but it’s not even remotely sincere.

Ramona & Leah probably don’t get along because they’re too similar. They both find ways to make every event somehow revolve around themselves. This is so embarrassing for these people that Eboni respects. What makes all of this more disgusting is they haven’t even gotten to the food yet. I would hate to be there and not be able to feast because of shenanigans like that.


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