Chef with ‘sense of humour’ cracks customer up with mammoth chip butty

A woman was shocked after ordering a simple chip butty and receiving a massive tray of the potato dish with a crunchy roll precariously stacked atop it.

The humble chip butty is a favourite cheat meal among Brits with hot fries nestled between two slices of usually soft, buttered bread – add ketchup or curry sauce as per your preference.

But, a Reddit user was surprised – to say the least – at their friend’s order at a local pub.

They uploaded a snap on the CasualUK forum, and captioned it: “My friend ordered a chip butty at a pub and this is what they got.”

In the image, a sliced tiger roll had been skewered over a mammoth plateful of chips… so many that it could have filled four butties.

We wouldn’t have complained, but it seems the chef had decided to be more than generous with the order.

The chip butty was more of a mountain

The post quickly went viral as over 6,300 people liked the photo.

And, over 300 commented on the huge meal.

One jokester said: “Our regular chef is sick, chef Literal will be preparing your order. What would you like?”

“I like a chef with a good sense of humour,” added another while a third said: “I’m absolutely stunned this is real.”

Another commented: “Oh wow. Wow. I need the details of this pub,” to which the poster said: “Linen 1906, Glasgow.”

“Looks perfect to me,” a foodie said.

And, a chip fan noted: “Heaven just came a wee bit closer to reality.”

However, some commented that the chips were a little bit pale for their liking.

You'd need a loaf of bread for all those chips!
You’d need a loaf of bread for all those chips!

One such hungry poster said: “Perfect? Are they expecting him to cook the chips himself?”

But others quickly defended the dish.

A fan said: “Sure, they’re a bit pale but these types of pre-prepared ones often are, even when cooked correctly. If they get brown then they’ll be overcooked (probably in dirty oil to boot).”

“It means the oil they’ve used is fresh,” added another.

While a third wrote: “It means they’ve not twice-cooked them.

“The oil can be crystal clear but if you cook them through at a lower temp and then flash fry them later you’ll get that beautiful golden colour and nice crispy chips.”

What’s your ideal chip butty like? Tell us in the comments…

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