Chelsea Handler Proves There Is Much Time To Find Love Even At 46

If she can do it, you can do it. Chelsea Handler believes that there’s a soulmate out there for everyone after finding love with new boyfriend Jo Koy.

“If I fell in love at the age of 46, I have hope for every person in this world,” she said on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday.

The comedian admitted that she had started to lose hope before romancing Koy, saying, “Men were very discouraging these past couple of years, especially, you know, straight white men, and I was like, ‘Oh, God, who am I going to end up with?’”

But Handler finally found love when she realized that she had strong feelings for Koy, who had worked with her on her former show “Chelsea Lately.”

“Then I had my friend Jo Koy, who was in my life a very long time,” she said, adding that he kept showing up and being there for her. “And then one day, I just looked at him and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s my guy!’ So he’s like my best buddy, and then I also, you know, get to have sex with him. … Fun time!”

Handler expressed to the audience that you never know if the love of your life has been right in front of you all along.

“So anyone, if you have a friend in your life that you think you’re not into or not attracted to, just remember my story and to be open-minded,” she advised.

Hander also discussed doing a 30-day alcohol cleanse in solidarity with one of her podcast listeners. She joked about her love for Koy on Instagram, writing, “Is it love or is it 3 weeks of no alcohol? Catch this glow on @fallontonight tonight.”

Handler recently opened up about how she turned their friendship into romance, telling Koy, 40, on her podcast, “I was just not in touch with myself to understand. I knew I liked talking with you and having you in my life because you’re positive and upbeat.

“It’s infectious and I loved all of that. But I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, my God!’ This desire to have something happen, to have something happen, not at all.”

She added that he made her feel safe because he reminds her of her late brother, Chet, who died when she was a child.

“You have a lot of similar qualities that my brother had,” she told Koy. “So, in many ways, I just feel so completely safe. And I feel like, ‘Oh, this is family.’ Like I’ve always felt that way about you, that you’re family.”

Page Six broke the news that the pair were dating in September. Handler then confirmed their relationship by making their love Instagram-official a week later. Since then, they have been spotted showing PDA while walking together in Tribeca.


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