Chelsea Handler Says About Falling In Love With Jo Koy.

Chelsea Handler is speaking out about her relationship with fellow comedian Jo Koy, saying she feels “completely safe” in a relationship for the first time. The pair have known each other for many years but only recently started dating. 

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler were introduced to one another twenty years ago by a mutual friend. However, they remained friends up until September of this year when they made their relationship official.

They recently took to Handler’s podcast to discuss their relationship and tell fans how their love story came to be after twenty years.

When Jo Koy and Handler met twenty years ago, they both acknowledged that they had instant chemistry. However, Handler said that while Jo Koy thought the chemistry was romantic, she thought it was comedic.

After having him on her talk show, the pair realized they enjoyed spending time together, and Handler says she enjoyed having Jo Koy around because he was so upbeat, and she enjoyed his energy.

Jo Koy has said that he had a crush on Handler and knew it from the first time they met. Handler says that looking back, she thinks she also had a crush but was not in tune with herself enough to do anything about it.

She has also said that Jo Koy had “brother energy” because he had many similar qualities to her brother, who passed away in 1984, and she saw him as a family right away but didn’t think she had romantic feelings toward him.

After meeting and Jo Koy being on Handler’s show, the two didn’t often talk or see one another regularly until last year when he asked herr to write a blurb for his book, “Mixed Plate.”

After asking Handler to write the blurb for his book before the pandemic hit, Jo Koy began speaking to Handler more regularly. They would have COVID-safe “hangouts” with one another amid the pandemic and eventually began FaceTiming regularly, too.

The couple then stopped talking for a while and eventually met up in LA a few months later for a dinner date and started to spend more time together after that. Jo Koy says things “progressed organically” after that.

After that dinner date, Handler noticed the only person she wanted to spend time with was Jo Koy, and so she made a move, and the couple has been together ever since.

Handler said that being in a relationship with Jo Koy feels easy and safe, and she acknowledged that if she had expressed her feelings for him when they first met, she probably would have messed it up.

She also said she doesn’t care when they met or how their relationship started because it brought them to where they are now, and she is happy with that.


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