Cher Struggling With ‘Unrelenting Pain’ After Dental Disaster?

Is Cher suffering from tooth pain? One report says she never used to floss and now it’s taking a miserable toll. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Grinding Her Down!’

According to the National Enquirer, Cher is in the midst of a full-on “dental disaster.” the iconic singer has a throbbing mouth and bleeding gums. A source says, “She’s been told cavities and receding gums are common as you get older since more people are keeping their teeth and not wearing dentures.”

Cher’s taken pride in her appearance, but her teeth are becoming a problem. Spies believed her health has been slipping for years, but “this one is keeping her up at night and she’s moaning to everyone about the pain and discomfort she’s going through.” Cher’s sweet tooth means her oral health is always at risk, a source warns.

The insider says Cher “grinds because of all the stress, and she isn’t a dedicated flosser. Now it’s catching up with her and giving her grief.” She’s got a major procedure coming up, so she’s starting to stock up on straws.

Is Cher Okay? Does She Floss?

How could anyone in the world know about Cher’s flossing habits in the 1960s? This is all terribly silly, for she’s never said a word about her teeth. The story says she’s “moaning to everyone,” but there’s no record of her saying anything about her teeth.

The only proof the outlet has are two photos. One is of Cher eating ice cream with a caption about how “the diva’s taste for sugary treats hasn’t helped her choppers.” Fun fact: You’ll find this exact photo simply by googling “Cher eating ice cream.” The Enquirer is cherry picking this photo to support its silly narrative, but eating ice cream is not enough proof to back the dental misery.

The other photo features Cher in braces from the 1970s. The caption reads, “The singer’s teeth have never seemed to agree with her.” This is impossible to take seriously. Getting braces is hardly a life sentence for dental problems, so this is very weak.

Considering that Cher is a millionaire megastar, it’s safe to say she has access to some excellent dentists. She’s never commented on a lifetime of tooth pain, so this story is completely false.

Other Tall Tales

This outlet has promised Cher would die on multiple occasions, yet she’s still going strong. It promoted steamy details on her fling with Tom Cruise only to deliver nothing at all. She’s also apparently feuding with Robert De Niro, yet they did the Graham Norton Show together not long afterward.

With a track record this bad, there’s no reason to trust an Enquirer story about Cher. She’s kept a tight lip about her teeth, so this story is bogus.


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