Cheryl Burke Dishes On The Future Of Her ‘DWTS’ Career

All good things must come to an end. Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke may very well make her final appearance in the ballroom this season. She recently discussed the possibility of retirement on the Tamron Hall show.

Cheryl Burke says this could possibly be her final season with the show after a long, fruitful career

After 24 seasons with Dancing With The Stars, this may be the end of the line. Cheryl Burke is 37, which isn’t old by any means. But professional dance can take a pretty heavy toll on a person’s body. And Cheryl is starting to feel the burn.

“You know as a dancer, especially as a woman, our career, it doesn’t last very long. The fact that I’m 37 and still sambaing out there and shimmying is pretty unheard of,” she shared on the show. “I’m not in the competitive level anymore, but still, I also have to understand that I have arthritis in my body, you know? The pounding and pounding and pounding, [I’m] technically leading our sports players or whoever we’re dancing with, right?”

So if her run on Dancing With The Stars comes to an end, what will the dancer do with her life? She shares that she is really looking forward to starting a family with her husband, Boy Meets World star Matthew Lawrence.

Cheryl Burke/Instagram

“I have to think about if I want a family, and obviously I do,” Cheryl continued. “I also have body dysmorphia that I deal with as well that comes with the business that also came even before I moved here to Los Angeles. So there’s all that that I have to deal with. Then I have to think about, ‘OK, it’s not just me now. It’s me and my husband, and what do we want for our future?’”

Last year, Matthew and Cheryl got a puppy together to practice their parenting skills. Judging by her Instagram page, it seems like all is going well.

The pandemic definitely impacted the dancer’s future plans

Children may still be part of the plan, but Cheryl wants to make sure that she and her husband are absolutely sure first. In the recent past, she opened up about struggling with sobriety amid the pandemic. While she’s been sober for quite some time, the stress of COVID-19 has really taken a toll on her mental health. Hopefully, having a chance to compete on DWTS Season 30 will help with that.

Last year, Cheryl seemed to bond really well with her partner, AJ McLean. Most of the celebrity pairings have been leaked by now, but we still aren’t quite sure who Cheryl Burke will compete with. If you want to find out, be sure to tune into the premiere of Dancing With The Stars on September 20. You won’t want to miss out on this milestone season!

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