Cheyenne Floyd’s Four Year Old Goes Live Without Her Knowing and “made them look crazy.”

CHEYENNE Floyd apologized to her fans after her four-year-old daughter Ryder went LIVE without her knowing and “made them look crazy.”

The Teen Mom OG star recently faced backlash for claiming that the toddler founded her own nail polish company “all by herself.”

The Teen Mom apologized to her followers for the mishap

Cheyenne, 28, took to Instagram to share her shock after her daughter Ryder, four, launched her own live video.

The reality star videotaped the tiny tot while she spoke over the clip, saying: “Please excuse my child who apparently knows how to go on live without the help or assistance of her mother!

“Who knows what was said Ryder K. We over here looking crazy, you got us over here looking crazy!” she ranted.

One stealthy fan had screen-recorded Ryder’s live session and re-shared it to Reddit, as the child held the camera in selfie-mode while wearing a butterfly wing filter.

Cheyenne’s family could be heard in the background as they had various conversations until her Aunt noticed that the toddler had tons of comments coming in from followers.

“Ryder are you live?” she gasped, then breaking into laughter before shutting the clip down.

Fans were stunned by the hilarious clip as they took to the comments to note how “adorable” she was for the mishap.

“I burst out laughing when i heard that lol,” one wrote, while a second laughed: “Omg, this is hilarious!”

“Bahahahaha, that is adorable,” a third penned.

Another admitted that they hoped the video would continue, saying: “I was disappointed that she jumped off once she realized Ryder went live. 😂😂”


Cheyenne faced major criticism of late after announcing that her young daughter had created her own nail polish beauty company.

The TV personality shared a promo photo of the little girl modeling her new products, and wrote in the caption: “Watch out everyone, there is a new mini-boss in town!!

“Ryder K has started her very own Mommy & Me Nail Polish Line. With the help of Mommy & Grandma, Ryder picked out her logo, polish bottles, polish colors, and even named each color.

“Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it’s only right that Ryder launches her first self-owned company at four years old,” she continued.

“I am extremely proud of her new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection and I look forward to seeing how you like it!” the ecstatic mom announced.

However, fans were not impressed as they roasted the mother of two as “shameless” for trying to profit off her daughter.

‘”Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it’s only right that Ryder launches her first self-owned company at four years old.” – so cringe,'” one wrote, quoting Cheyenne’s own words.

“I literally have no words for how these girls try to make money. Completely shameless,” a second contributed.

A third laughed: “Self owned lololol ok,” while a fourth wrote savagely: “I can’t stand this family.”

“I love how the new move for rich parents is buying their child a company to play with. We live in odd times,” another reasoned.

“This is child abuse,” a final put bluntly.


Cheyenne recently welcomed her second child, a little boy named Ace, with her fiancé Zach Davis.

She also shares Ryder with her ex Cory Wharton.

Cheyenne's family shut down the hilarious live clip


Cheyenne’s family shut down the hilarious live clipCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

The reality star faced backlash for her daughter's nail polish business


The reality star faced backlash for her daughter’s nail polish businessCredit: Instagram / @cheynotshy

She recently welcomed her son Ace to the family


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