Chicago Couple Went Viral After Sending $240 Bill To Their No-Show Wedding Guests!!

Make sure to attend every wedding you RSVP, or else it can out to be extremely heavy on your pockets if the latest practice set by a Chicago couple becomes a trend. 

A newly married pair of Chicago turned the limelight after passing on invoices to the wedding guests who RSVP’d yes yes and did not attend the party. They sent a bill that covered the $240 cost to the guests, who did not bother to explain not showing up after RSVP. 

The latest post featuring the hilarious act of the new bridge and bridegroom, Doug Simmons and Dedra Simmons, has garnered both positive and negative reviews from the netizens for sending invoices to the guest who did not show up. 

The Newlyweds Decided To Take A Stand

The couple tied their wedding knots at Royalton Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica, where they made prior arrangements of over 100 guests after getting their confirmations. However, they were shocked to witness no-shows at the party. They were deeply hurt, and they decided to teach a lesson to the guests, who did not even offer a valid explanation for their absence. 

The Couple Issues Invoices 

When the guests did not show up, the couple decided to teach them a lesson. They send a detailed invoice to all the guests who confirmed but did not attend the party. Doug Simmons revealed, “Don’t be offended when we send this invoice to you. It’s gonna look something like this. I will be sending these via certified emails and emails… “

When the netizens started to pass on negative comments on social media, the couple took their stand and claimed that the invoices were sent to the guest, not for money, as all the expenses were prepaid. However, their sole motive was to teach them a lesson as they were deeply hurt on personal levels. 

The online world showered mixed reactions to the act. While few wished they could have done this in their wedding. 


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