Child behaviourist warns watching Peppa Pig could be making your kids naughtier

Parenting and behavioural consultant Sophie Giles has warned that TV shows such as Peppa Pig could be encouraging young ones to have negative attitudes towards their parents

Peppa Pig could be having a negative impact on your child’s behaviour

Most parents will tell you that settling their little ones down in front of the TV can be an absolute god send for allowing them to have a short break from entertaining them.

But, while TV might seem like the perfect peaceful distraction for energetic toddlers, it turns out that some of their favourite programmes could be doing them more harm than good.

It’s no secret that Peppa Pig is a firm favourite, not only among youngsters but among parents too – especially since we’ve all got that iconic Adele duet to look forward to.

However, according to parenting and behavioural consultant Sophie Giles, Peppa Pig and other hugely popular kids’ shows could actually be promoting negative behaviours in our children.

Sophie raised concerns over how Peppa treats Daddy Pig

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Speaking to Fabulous mag, Sophie used Peppa Pig as an example of portraying bad behaviour to little ones due to the condescending manner in which Peppa speaks to Daddy Pig.

“It is interesting how incredibly patronising [the way Daddy Pig is spoken to] can be in the English version, how the characters stress that dialogue and how the director allowed that to happen,” she told the publication.

“It can really skew what your child comes away with – and you know, kids love it!”

Elsewhere, Sophie noted that ideally parents should preview programmes before allowing their children to watch them, rather than relying on child settings on apps such as Netflix – especially if it’s a long series that the child could potentially get hooked on.

As well as Peppa Pig, the expert also referred to Paw Patrol, Bluey, Fireman Sam and Little Princess as programmes which could potentially encourage bad behaviour in little ones.

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