Children’s £40 vlogging kit toy sparks row as some claim it’s ‘depressing’

Social media users have been divided by a children’s toy that is being circulated on Twitter.

An internet poster found the all wood “vlogging kit” for kids aged three and over at a local shop – but he wasn’t very happy with the implications.

The set is inspired by YouTubers and other video bloggers who have made millions sharing their lives online.

And, it’s no surprise that because of this more children now aspire to be famous YouTubers than they do singers or film stars.

In fact, a 2017 study found more than 50% of youngsters want to be influencers – whether this be YouTubers (34.2%), or Blogger/Vloggers (18.1%).

That makes the Vlogger Kit – which contains a wooden camera on a tripod, a ring light and a microphone with a clip – the perfect gift to help little ones get used to performing for their followers.

After all, lots of children’s toys are modelled after grown up careers like doctor kits, kitchens, toy tools and even mini cars.

Would you buy this £40 kit for your children?

But, some twitter users thought that the creative kit was a bad idea.

The poster who shared a snap of the Vlogging Kit wrote: “This is depressing on so many levels.”

And, it looks like lots of Twitter users agree as the post garnered over 78,000 likes and more than 6,300 retweets..

One poster noted: “Kids should not aspire to be vloggers.

“The whole culture of influencers and the like is toxic, and only breeds the worst in human traits.”

Content creators can make millions online
Content creators can make millions online

While another added: “Issue is that social media breeds vanity.

“Kids today want to be influencers solely based on the projected lifestyle of being rich, famous, and being able to do it from their bedroom, as opposed to wanting to create something or have an outlet to express themselves.”

The £40 kit was found at the Little Swings Park Slopes toy shop in Brooklyn, New York, but you can buy it in the UK at Kidly or Acorn & Pip.

However, while many disliked the idea of little children performing for the camera others thought it was a fab gift.

One person said: “Oh no how depressing a kid might want to play at being super-creative and great with communication quick give them a fake gun instead.”

While another added: “So are we pretending Content Creator isn’t a valid occupation now?

“This notion that we need to shelter children from technology is a foolish [endeavour] and ignores the obvious trends we are seeing in culture.

“Strap in folks – especially if you are currently uncomfortable…”

A third commented: “How is this any worse than kids aspiring to be, say, a TV presenter or an actor?”

Another person shared a snap of a Fisher Price McDonald’s drive-thru with a visor and headset and called it depressing.

But, again, this point of view was rivalled by those who thought it was a fun toy.

One person said: “What’s wrong with working at Mcd? At least you are learning something over there.”

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