Children’s slide with ‘rude’ shape blasted as ‘inappropriate’ by mums on social media

An ‘X-rated’ children’s slide has been slammed on social media by mums who branded it “inappropriate”.

In the clip, a woman shares a Facebook screenshot showing a slide shaped like what you could say is a banana and two oranges.

The sausage-shaped object then goes into another object that has two sets of folds.

“What council members approved this!” is the angry caption in the Facebook post.

The x-rated slide made its way onto TikTok when it was uploaded by @madsplusthree on Wednesday (October 6) and received thousands of “likes” and comments – with parents split between finding it hilarious or outrageous.

The sausage-shaped slide has raised some eyebrows

One user blasted: “WTF? I don’t think six-year-olds need to know what it is yet.”

“Who said this was ok I need to talk to their mother,” joked a second user.

A third viewer commented: “You can’t even say this isn’t what it is because what else could it be?”

Someone else fumed it was “inappropriate” for a children’s play park and another commented: “That is 100% intentional.”

It seems the parents could have been upset other nothing, and the naughty slide was simply a prop in a movie rather than a permanent feature in the playground.

Some people reckoned it looked like a fun slide
Some people reckoned it looked like a fun slide

One woman reassured the others: “It’s a movie set for a Seth Rogan movie it’s already been taken down.”

“That’s a movie set in Maple Ridge, Canada for an R-rated comedy movie,” chimed in a second.

This comes after a mum split opinions when she said she likes to smoke cannabis when her kids were asleep and compared it unwinding with a glass of wine.

And another mum said she had wanted children since she was six years old but realised she was a “bad parent” after having three.

She said she didn’t think people like her should have kids and she hasn’t enjoyed it even when they have grown up and become less demanding.

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