Man rescued hidden snake in scooter using plastic container

A frightening video of a snake rescued from inside a scooter has triggered panic among netizens after it went viral on social media.

The 2.07-minute clip was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Officer Susanta Nanda, along with a warning to never try to rescue a snake in such a manner. “Such guests during rains are common… But uncommon is the method used to rescue it. Never ever try this,” he tweeted.

The undated clip, which has garnered over 17, 000 views, features the snake — which many users on the microblogging website said was a cobra — raising its head from inside the vehicle. A woman can be heard screaming in the background as another person films the incident.

Watch Video Here :-


The camera then pans in the other direction, showing the person trying to catch the snake. While he initially uses a hook to catch the reptile, he later shifts to a large plastic water container.

While it is unclear when and where the incident took place, the licence plate on the vehicle read ‘TS’, which is the code allotted to Telangana.

Since being shared online, the clip has triggered a plethora of reactions, with many quite spooked by the sudden appearance of the reptile from the vehicle.

Many also called out the person’s rescue technique, to which a user responded that the man is a trained professional. “I personally know the rescuer. He is my super super senior at Friends of snakes society and he knows exactly what he is doing. He had rescued thousands of snakes. Not to be tried by untrained persons,” tweeted @HeyYugandhar. The user also added that the video viral clip was a year old.

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