Chip Gaines Is Cutting His Long Hair for Charity

Chip Gaines has been growing out his long hair for the past couple of years, but now the DIY TV star is going to be chopping off his locks for charity. People reports that Gaines has partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for a social media challenge that encourages fans to donate money to the organization. Each time a specific milestone is reached, Gaines will cut off a portion of his hair. The final look will be revealed after the fundraising campaign ends on Thursday, Aug. 26.

In an Instagram post, Gaines revealed plans for the new fundraising challenge, alongside a video of him showing off his long hair. “WOW.. turns out some of y’all really don’t like my hair! But I can take it because I’ve been growing it out for a good reason,” he wrote in the caption. “So now’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is.. I’m going to cut my hair, and I’m asking you to cut a check—and let’s see if we can raise a boatload of money for the kids at [St Jude.] The hair’s coming off on Friday, but between now and then, let’s chip in together for a good cause. And when it’s all said and done, I’ll donate my hair to [Children With Hair Loss]. Let’s do this!”

Following the charity challenge announcement, many of Gaines’ followers have posted supportive comments on his Instagram post, with one person writing, “I always felt in my spirit that Chip was letting his hair grow either for the kids at St. Jude or to donate it to Locks of Love!” Someone else added, “Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more amazing….ps I loved the hair.” A final fan commented, “I liked your hair!! I just cut off 8 inches and donated it, and am willing to send St. Jude something extra this month. Let’s do this!”

Back in July, Gaines and his wife Joanna sat down for an interview on the Today show — while promoting their new Magnolia Network — and Gaines spoke about how fans reacted to him growing out his hair during the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine in 2020. “It’s like the rest of the country sadly in some ways, you know? Nobody can agree on anything. You’re either in this camp or this camp,” the 46-year-old joked. “Well, Twitter is very similar in that regard with my hair, it’s either you love this, or you hate it.”

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