Chip, Joanna Gaines Look Almost Unrecognizable In Throwback Photo

Chip and Joanna Gaines got married in May 2003. A few months later, they flipped their first house together. Soon, Magnolia Market opened in Waco. on the eighteenth anniversary of the shop’s opening, Joanna is sharing a cute throwback photo. Let’s take a look.

Throwback Picture

Before the Magnolia Network, the Target partnership, and even before Fixer Upper made them stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines had the Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. The shop would eventually grow into an empire, but back in 2003, it was just a first step. Joanna posted a photo of herself and Chip, then newlyweds, on opening day.

 It’s always cute to see famous folks years before they made it big. The two look almost unrecognizable. Red lipstick is not in Joanna’s repertoire nowadays, and Chip without his long hair and beard just doesn’t seem right. Nobody could have thought when this photo was taken that these two would someday spark a farmhouse chic revolution in interior decorating.

Joanna writes, “I can still hear the sound of the front door of that little shop opening and the deep assurance that, despite how scared I was, I would never look back.” Chip pushed her to chase her dream, and Joanna still believes that “dreams beget dreams.”

She’s Giving Back

As a way to celebrate Magnolia’s 18th anniversary, Joanna plans to pay her success forward. In the same Instagram post, she says “I want to give $50k to help someone” to achieve their dream. She placed a link for business owners to send their ideas, and presumably, a winner will be picked soon.

Joanna borrowed $5000 to start her business and tirelessly flipped houses to get to where she is today. $50,000 is serious money that could help any business stay afloat or get off the ground. Chip’s support has helped Joanna achieve her dreams, and now Joanna’s financial support could help some fans achieve theirs.

How Are The Gaines’ Getting On?

Posts like this are a healthy reminder that Chip and Joanna Gaines are still going strong. They’re going to celebrate their 20th anniversary in due time, but tabloids would tell you the exact opposite. One report claimed they were fighting over money, while the star-crossed launch of the Magnolia Network caused a fleet of stories as well. These two stayed together through years of uncertainty, so some delays weren’t going to rock the fabric of a marriage.


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