Chloe Chrisley BUSTED By Todd Last Night, Savannah Supports Little Sis

Chloe Chrisley got BUSTED by Todd late last night, but her sister Savannah offered nothing but support. What did Chloe do that she got caught red-handed doing in the middle of the night? And, why was Savannah involved? Keep reading. We’ll explain.


Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Chloe Chrisley BUSTED by Todd late last night

Todd Chrisley took to Instagram pretty late last night. He shared a photo of his daughter/granddaughter Chloe. Chloe was curled up in bed with an eye mask on her forehead. She also had a TV remote with her on the bed.

Todd Chrisley revealed in the caption: “And this one thinking she’s grown with her TV on at 12 AM when I checked on her.”

The photo featured Chloe Chrisley curled up under a pink fuzzy blanket. There was a stuffed unicorn tucked in the bed with her. And, she had a TV remote firmly grasped in her hand. She looked both focused and sleepy as she enjoyed a late-night TV session.

Todd’s caption proceeded to explain a simple solution to this problem. Turns out, he took the remote control from Chloe and took it to be with him for the night. So, she wouldn’t be able to turn the TV back on and continue to watch.

Now, most would assume Chloe could just get up and switch the TV back on manually if she wanted to watch it. But, a lot of flat and smart TVs do not have power switches or they are difficult to find and press. Likewise, the TV could be anchored to a wall and out of reach. If Chloe Chrisley has access to a tablet or a phone… She could just turn the TV on and control it that way. So, Todd’s plan may or may not be successful.

Todd Chrisley - Instagram
Todd Chrisley – Instagram

Savannah is here for her little sister’s rebellious side

Now, Savannah and Chase always talk about how they stole Todd’s cars for joy rides. They admit to really giving him a run for his money when they were growing up. So, it isn’t too much of a surprise Savannah is here for her rebellious little sister.

Savannah gushed in the comments: “I love her so much girl after my own heart hahah.” Her supportive comment of her little sister was liked over 1,300 times. So, clearly, she wasn’t the only one here for this rebellion.

What do you think about Todd’s solution to Chloe staying up late watching TV? Do you think it is sweet that Savannah Chrisley supported her little sister? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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