Chloe Dumps Philip For Brady, New Problems Arise?

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Chloe and Philip are in a relationship. While Chloe is trying very hard to work on her relationship with him, the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Chloe might soon find herself being attracted to someone else.

DOOL viewers must also be aware that Philip isn’t the only one interested in Chloe. Brady Black is equally interested. He has even started making his moves. So, would Chloe finally show her interest in Brady? What will happen? Here is everything to know. 

Brady Black Is Interested In Chloe

The upcoming spoilers suggest that Brady Black is interested in Chloe Lane. Until some time ago, Brady was with Kristen, and hence he never let Chloe know what he felt for her. But now that Kristen is away would Brady make some moves? It looks like so. Brady and Chloe work in the same office. So now, he might do something to tell Chloe about his desire to be with her.

Days Of Our Lives

But the question is, how will Chloe respond to that? Chloe is in a relationship with Philip. Even when she went on that business trip with Brady, she remained faithful to Philip. But will that change? Days Of Our Lives viewers would recall that when Chloe first came back to Salem, she had confessed that she loved Brady. So, would her feelings get revoked? What will Chloe do? 

Days of Our Lives: What Will Chloe Do? hints that after Brady woos Chloe, she might give in on her feelings for the man. They might even end up together in bed. This might certainly change how Chloe feels about him. Chloe certainly wouldn’t want to hurt Philip. So, she might not tell him about what she has done. But, it is likely that she might dump Philip and start a relationship with Brady. Philip has the tendency to be violent. So, how will he react? Spoilers suggest that Chloe will do her best to lay this down slowly for the man. 

What Will Happen When Kristen Comes Back?

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that while Philip might be the violent one, he isn’t as big a danger as Kristen is. Right now, Kristen is a fugitive. But she won’t stay away forever. If and when Kristen comes back, she will be furious and might do something that will shock everyone. DOOL viewers would remember that Kristen had already tried to kill Chloe before. So, who is to say that she wouldn’t do it again?

Days Of Our Lives

Further, spoilers suggest that if Chloe and Brady decide to come together, they will have to face a number of issues. Will they be able to deal with them? We will have to wait to know. In the meantime, would you like to see Chloe and Brady together? Tell us in the comments below. is your one-stop for all the soap-related news. Be sure to keep checking to space for all the latest updates. 


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