‘Chrisley Know Best:’ Todd & Julie BLASTED For Not Predicting Future

Sometimes, reality television can be confusing for its audience. One big case in point is when there are big issues that aren’t discussed at all, on the show.

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley both got an eyeful of that confusion first hand.

Addressing The Future On ‘Chrisley Knows Best’

Recently, both Todd and Julie were blasted for not talking more on their show about real-world, current issues. It appears at least one viewer felt as if the pair were being superficial.

On the Chrisley Knows Best Instagram page, a user took out their frustrations over what’s going on in the world and their confusion over why those topics weren’t getting discussion on air.

The user asked the question “why don’t your family talk about what’s going on in real life,” they wrote. They then went on to illustrate exactly what they were talking about.

“Storms and war etc…” they wrote before adding the thinking emoji.

It’s not entirely clear where the poster is really confused, or just trying to start a fight. The comment definitely seemed to be snarky. However, if they really believe that Todd and Julie are ignoring issues, being angry about it makes some sense.

To be fair, the Chrisley Knows Best stars getting blasted for this kind of thing isn’t that surprising. There are some people who believe the episodes are taped the week that they’re aired.

After all, the topic of this program is “reality television.” That the show still goes through months of editing is surprising to some.

If the viewer thinks what the stars are doing was recent, it would seem odd that they never talk about some very big issues that are going on.

However, several other Instagram users helpfully pointed out the truth of the show’s shooting schedule.

Was The User Troling?

“These episodes were recorded way before the storm or current events of the war,” one user replied. “How could they talk about something that hadn’t happened.”

Another user thought the poster was coming to the wrong place to get conversations about current events.

“You want the info then go watch the news,” another replied. “Problem solved.”

While the Instagram users who responded likely thought they were helping, the original poster took the conversation in another direction.

They responded that Chrisley Knows Best stars should “get with real life.” they added that they were tired of Hollywood stuff.

It should be pointed out that members of the cast do talk about real-world stuff. When it comes to current events, Todd and Savannah often address those issues on social media. There simply isn’t a way to stay current on the actual program, as it’s months behind the real world.

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