Chrissy Teigen Sparks Fears With Plastic Surgery Addiction, ‘Desperate For A Comeback’?

Is Chrissy Teigen obsessively tweaking her appearance in a desperate bid for attention? One tabloid claims the Teigen is planning to make a comeback following her cyberbullying scandal. Let’s take a look at the rumor.

Chrissy Teigen In ‘Plastic Surgery Spiral’?

This week, Life & Style reports that Chrissy Teigen has become “addicted” to cosmetic treatments. While Teigen has never been one to hide the fact that she’s had work done, the tabloid asserts she’s gone totally overboard. The model and cookbook author once joked, “Everything about me is fake except my cheeks.” But Teigen recently went back on her vow to never mess with her naturally full cheeks and splurged on some facial sculpting. “I’m really seeing the results,” Teigen mused about the treatment, “and I like it.”

But the magazine claims there’s more to her new look. Just a few months ago, a scandal rocked Teigen when her past as a cyberbully came to light. While she was quick to apologize for her actions, her business ventures took a hit from the bad publicity. But the tabloid claims Teigen is ready to climb her way back into public favor. “Chrissy is desperate for a comeback and is trying to look the part,” an insider dishes. “She has become obsessed with Botox and fillers and reading about the latest surgery procedures. It’s scary how addicted she seems to be.”

Chrissy Teigen ‘Desperate For Attention’?

So, if we’re getting this right, Teigen — who has always been open about her fondness for cosmetic treatments — got another cosmetic treatment? That isn’t exactly breaking news, and it’s a bit of a stretch to read into it any more than that. Dr. Jason Diamond’s buccal fat removal surgery has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Hollywood. His work is so renowned that he was featured on both E!’s Dr. 90210 and Netflix’s Celebrity Plastic Surgeons.

It isn’t surprising that Teigen decided to splurge on this trendy new surgery, and she isn’t scared to talk about it. Teigen took to Instagram to show off her results. She even wrote, “no shame in my dr diamond game.” There’s no evidence to suggest she’s planning to get any more work done, but even if she is, that’s her business. And we doubt this is part of some desperate bid for a “comeback” since Teigen’s reputation has made a near-complete recovery from her bullying scandal.

The Tabloids On Chrissy Teigen

The only ones still obsessed with Teigen’s bullying scandal are the tabloids. Not long ago, the National Enquirer reported Teigen was coping with the scandal by stress eating and injecting cosmetic fillers. Then Star reported Teigen was trying to buy back her famous friends with expensive gifts. Then, OK! published a near-identical story claiming Teigen was “desperate to redeem herself” by sending out gifts to celebrities. Obviously, none of these publications has any insight into Teigen’s personal life.


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