Christian driver savaged by brutal note saying ‘Jesus wouldn’t park like bell***’

A woman was left gobsmacked after she claimed a brutal parking note was left on her car.

A photo of the note was shared on Reddit and Instagram – and has left people in stitches.

The note was placed on the car, which had a bumper sticker that read: “Jesus disciple”.

However, the furious person clearly didn’t think the parking was heaven-sent, as they wrote a note that said: “I’m pretty sure that Jesus wouldn’t have parked like a bell***”.

The photo was shared with the caption: “I shouldn’t laugh, but I’m going to…”

Although the note could be a joke, many people were still left giggling over it as the post went viral online.

People were left giggling over the brutal note

One quipped: “Jesus would be very bad at parking, never having seen a car before.”

While another added: “Jesus take the wheel, I can’t parallel park.”

A third chimed in: “Maybe he thought he was parking in a discipled space…”

Meanwhile another car drama hit headline this week as sisters Ellie Newman and Jordana Timeyin were raging after finding a note ‘stuck on their Range Rovers with silicone and glue’.

The siblings both park their Range Rovers on a street close to where they work in Whitefield, Manchester.

But the pair, who both work at Loan Agency Bridgewater Acceptances, say they’ve had notes left on their cars on several occasions.

This week, Ellie says she discovered a note stuck with silicone to the windscreen of her black Range Rover after she finished work.

According to Manchester Evening News, the note read: “Please stop using this street as a car park.

“Residents are coming home from work/shopping and can not park on their own street!”

But Ellie said she and her sister Jordana are perfectly within their rights to park there, as they both pay tax.

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