Christine Brown Joins Ysabel, ESCAPES Kody & Flees From Arizona

Christine Brown of Sister Wives has joined her daughter Ysabel in escaping Kody as she also flees from Flagstaff, Arizona. As we reported recently, Ysabel escaped both her mother and father by fleeing to North Carolina to live with her sister Maddie. Fans know Maddie and Ysabel have different mothers. But, they lived together growing up. So, they are extremely close. Now, however, it appears as if Christine might’ve joined her daughter on her escape plan to North Carolina.


Ysabel Brown Instagram

Visiting or staying? Fans aren’t really sure

Christine’s recent Instagram activity confirms both she and Truely are currently at Maddie’s home with Ysabel. “Capturing precious moments today. Sunday game playing!” She penned in her Instagram post. The post featured a picture of Ysabel and Truley sitting on the floor playing a card game together.

As we recently reported, Christine did place her home on the market. This caused rumors to spin that she might be escaping from her unhappy marriage with Kody. With Christine Brown enjoying the weekend under the same roof with Ysabel… Fans assume this means she’s also in North Carolina. Is she staying at Maddie’s home too?

Some Sister Wives fans cannot help but wonder if this is a visit or a permanent move. In the comments, fans noted she was just visiting with Maddie. And, Ysabel was the one living there now. But, because Christine just listed her home on the market… There are some wondering if she’s actually going to go back to Flagstaff after this visit. Is it possible she’s just going to buy a home and stay in Flagstaff with her daughter?

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown Instagram

Kody Brown would not be happy with Christine and Ysabel leaving

As we previously reported, fans do not believe Kody Brown would support Ysabel moving to live with Maddie. Likewise, Kody never seems to be in the photos anytime one of his wives takes off to visit Maddie and her family. Kody has actually been blasted a few different times for not visiting with his daughter Maddie or his grandchildren. Furthermore, we know Kody Brown mentioned on the show he does not like the idea of his children moving far away when they grow up. Even if it is just to go to school. Ysabel had made it clear she was interested in moving to North Carolina after she graduated from school.

If Christine and Kody Brown split up, there wouldn’t be a lot left for her in Flagstaff. With Ysabel moving to North Carolina to be with Maddie and to go to school… It would make sense for Christine to pick up and follow. This is assuming Christine is alright with uprooting Truely to feel from Kody and Flagstaff.

Ysabel Brown ESCAPES Kody & Christine, Flees To Maddie’s House

Do you think Christine would leave Kody and move to North Carolina? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC family.

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