‘Christmas isn’t Cancelled (Just You)’

Kelly Clarkson won’t let the drama that is 2021 drag down what was once hyped as the happiest time of the year — hence her new single: “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You).”

COVID-19 pandemic and cancel culture be damned: ‘Tis the season for advance revelry says Clarkson, 39, who dropped her catchy holiday anthem about two months early on Sept. 23.

The sassy jam is part of a larger holiday album — “When Christmas Comes Around” — that Clarkson will drop Oct. 15. The release will feature original and iconic holiday songs, including covers of Mariah Carey’s ubiquitous “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and Eartha Kitt’s sexy “Santa Baby.

“My purpose for choosing this lyric for being the title of this project was to bring forth a sense of reality to the fact that we are probably all in very different places emotionally ‘when Christmas comes around,’” the “American Idol” icon said in a statement. “Wherever you are, and whatever you may be experiencing, I wanted everyone to be able to connect to a message on this album.”

“Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You)” also describes a season without a love interest, maybe having just gotten out of a relationship or hurt my someone. That tracks: “The Voice” judge and daytime TV host is celebrating the recent upholding of her prenuptial agreement with ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, 43, after a lengthy divorce court battle.

Clarkson declared Christmas can’t be cancelled, at least not this year.
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In the animated mini-video Clarkson tweeted with the announcement of her new song, it played the chorus of the song plays as a man is shown disappearing from the picture as a woman, who looks a lot like Clarkson, enjoying the holidays on her own.

Already, fans tweeted replies to Clarkson, fawning over the latest single: “Kelly said, I wanna drag a man. But make it Christmassy,” wrote one user.

With cancel culture being at an all-time high in 2021, Clarkson crafted the perfect single to culminate a year full of canceled people, holidays, books and more.

It was the year of people being called out and declared “over” — with Dr. Seuss, Mike Richards and Chris Harrison being the most recent casualties of the trend.

Before cancel culture could claim the holidays, too, Clarkson declared Christmas to be un-cancelable, leaving it to people to be ousted instead.


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