Christmas stockpilers who’ve spent £2.5k on gifts and food insist they’re not ‘selfish’

Two Christmas stockpilers have insisted that they’re not “selfish”, in spite of hoarding presents and food for this year’s festivities already.

Rachel Marsden, from Leeds and Pat Smith, from the East Midlands, both appeared on ITV’s This Morning this week.

They’ve both already racked up an eye-watering amount of gifts and snacks for their respective families – with their preparations starting as early as July.

Rachel, who has spent £2,500 on her Christmas shopping already, admitted she spoils her children each year during the holidays.

She denied she was being ‘selfish’ and claimed she doesn’t keep other people from getting their own presents.

Rachel Marsden admitted she’s bought all her Christmas presents already

Meanwhile, Pat explained she stockpiled crisps, cookies and other snacks to make sure her family won’t go without this Christmas.

Both women said they are worried about rumours of delivery shortages hampering Christmas supplies.

However, This Morning’s viewers branded the pair “greedy”, while others said Christmas should be more about who you’re with, rather than what you get.

Rachel said she is carrying on a family tradition of spoiling children at Christmas.

Pat Smith surrounded by presents
Pat Smith says she has stockpiled festive snacks

Pat with her stockpile of festive snacks
Pat with her stockpile of festive snacks

“Growing up, my mum and dad made Christmas so special for us, they spoiled us a little bit too much. I just carried on that tradition with my children,” she said.

“I was really worried after last year, with Covid and everything, the deliveries were taking ages to get here if they got here at all. Some stuff was only delivered last month that I had ordered for last year’s Christmas.”

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning
Some This Morning viewers branded the pair “selfish”

Christmas shoppers carry bags
Some people are shopping for Christmas early as they worry about delivery issues

“I thought especially with the shortages of drivers and lorry drivers, I did start to panic and did think ‘I need to get out there and get them or we’ll have a horrible Christmas'”, she said.

Rachel, who is mum to a three-year-old, said she is aware of how lucky she is to be able to afford so many gifts for her family.

“I am aware that it shouldn’t be all about gifts and it’s not everyone who can buy a large amount of gifts for the children,” she said.

“I booked things for the run-up to Christmas: Santas, days out, and we all go for afternoon tea with the family, and then a massive Christmas dinner at my mum’s on Christmas Day with games.”

“I try to balance it out. I know that I buy too many gifts, but I still do it,” she added.

Rachel added she doesn’t think she is being selfish by stockpiling presents and food ahead of time.

“I’m not buying more than one of the items. I’m just buying one of each thing. So I’m not stopping anyone else from buying them,’ she said.

On the set of the show, Alice Beer told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that people are in fact not stockpiling for Christmas, and that Rachel and Pat are isolated cases.

She commented: “We have a massive responsibility sitting here to calm things down.

“Retailer are not seeing people pushing massive trolleys through their shops and gathering and gathering.”

“I think they are just doing what they would do normally in advance,” she said of Rachel and Pat.

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