Christopher Lloyd Would Return To Back To The Future Under One Condition

In the spring of 2021, Lloyd took a trip down memory lane with host Josh Gates in the Discovery+ series “Expedition: Back to the Future.” In four episodes that play out like another “Back to the Future” story, Gates and Lloyd hit the road to locate the A-car, which is the DeLorean that was backed out of Doc Brown’s moving truck at the mall in the first film. After they locate the car, the goal is donate it to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Lloyd said he’s basically reprising his role as Doc Brown in the series, because in real life he and the character are essentially one in the same. “They called me up, and we talked, and I was excited about it but a little bit uncertain. I mean, I actually am Doc Brown at the beginning and for the remainder of show, I’m myself,” Lloyd revealed. “So, I wasn’t doing a character, I was being myself. Usually when I do [a role], it involves taking on another life. The one I’m taking on in this instance is my own, and so it had some intricate areas, in my head anyway, to explore.”


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