Cindy Crawford Frantic After Son Presley’s ‘Cry For Help’?

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Is Cindy Crawford panicking about son Presley Gerber‘s recent behavior? That was one tabloid’s story this time last year. Gossip Cop is taking another look at the rumor.

Cindy Crawford Worried Sick About Presley Gerber?

Twelve months ago, Woman’s Day reported Cindy Crawford was concerned after her son made waves on social media with his new tattoos. Gerber was recently spotted sporting some new ink — the number “310” across his midsection, a pistol on his hip, and the word “misunderstood” just under his left eye. People were quick to voice their criticisms in the comments, which prompted Gerber to post a video in response. In the video, Gerber insisted he’d give people his address if they wanted to come and criticize him to his face.

But the tabloid claimed his family wasn’t taking his behavior lightly. According to the report, Cindy Crawford was calling a secret family “crisis meeting” to address the situation. A “family friend” told the outlet, “Cindy and Rande are great parents and they know when they have to step in, and this is one of those times.” The insider added, “They think it’s a cry for help — attention-seeking because his sister has become so famous, so quickly — but messing around with violent tattoos and inviting people to his home is going way too far.”

Cindy Crawford Calling Secret ‘Crisis Meeting’?

So, is it true Cindy Crawford is worried her son is acting out to get attention? We seriously doubt it. Instead of treating Gerber like a delinquent that needs to be fixed, Crawford has always expressed love and support towards her son. While Gerber’s tattoos and recent comments have no doubt raised some eyebrows, Gerber is an adult and can make his own decisions. He doesn’t seem to be hurting himself or anyone else, so why would Crawford be in “crisis”? Besides, Crawford recently posted a touching birthday tribute to her son, insisting she’ll always be Gerber’s “biggest cheerleader.”

The Tabloid On Cindy Crawford

Woman’s Day has a history of speculating about the Crawford-Gerber family. Early last year, the magazine claimed Crawford was sending her daughter, Kaia Gerber, to therapy following her split from Pete Davidson. Then the outlet alleged Crawford was worried about her daughter’s new relationship with Cara Delevingne, despite the fact that the two were never dating. And recently, the magazine alleged Crawford’s marriage was in trouble after her husband was spotted without his ring. Obviously, Woman’s Day has a habit of stirring up drama for the family, and can’t be trusted.

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