Cindy Crawford’s Marriage Explodes, $1 Billion At Stake?

Is Cindy Crawford‘s 23-year marriage coming to a close? A year ago, an outlet alleged Crawford and Rande Gerber were on the edge because of their kids’ controversial decisions. Gossip Cop is looking back to see where the couple stands today. 

Cindy Crawford’s Kids Cause Marital Tensions?

A year ago, the cover story for Life & Style alleged Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber were “at their wits’ end,” largely in part of the couple’s kids. Apparently, Presley and Kaia’s antics at the time “put a major strain” on Crawford and Gerber’s marriage. The tabloid made a point to touch on Presley’s DUI, face tattoo, and online behavior, as well as Kaia’s brush with SNL star Pete Davidson as stressors on Crawford. “It’s no secret that they’re freaking out,” an insider close to Crawford said. 

According to the source, Crawford and Gerber had “been fighting and blaming each other for not being strict enough parents or attentive enough.” Despite the family’s successes, Presley and Kaia’s “choices could be what finally breaks them.” However, Crawford and Gerber weren’t only in disagreement about their kids. The tabloid said the couple wasn’t “agreeing on anything lately,” but the tension still stemmed from their kids. “They feel as if they failed as parents,” the snitch said about Crawford and Gerber. 

Are Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber Still Together?

While the story was an intriguing read, Life & Style‘s accusations about Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are hard to believe. A year ago, Gossip Cop noted the unlikelihood of the so-called “sources” the tabloid quoted. It’s hard to believe that someone would know Crawford and Gerber’s biggest regrets and be eager to reveal all that information to the public. It just isn’t believable, especially when the magazine has reported false information on the couple before. 

Also, the tabloid claimed Crawford’s kids were the primary source of the martial tension she was experiencing. However, it’s obvious Crawford is her daughter’s number one fan and doesn’t seem to disapprove of Kaia’s dating life as much as the outlet said. At the same time, Presley also wasn’t tearing his parents apart. The tabloid thought a face tattoo and online boasting stressed Crawford and Gerber out, but it was simply an overdramatic (and false) claim. 

A History Of Inaccuracy

Another reason Gossip Cop doesn’t buy this Crawford divorce rumor is because of Life & Style‘s reputation for inaccurate stories. For example, the outlet reported Prince William was concerned as Kate Middleton dropped a significant amount of weight because of stress. However, Middleton was as happy and healthy as she’d ever been and she was nowhere near “collapse,” as the tabloid said. This outlet stretches the truth.


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