City on a Hill Season 3: Renewal, Showtime Release Date & Episodes

Set in the 90s era of Boston, ‘City on a Hill’ has been one of the best performing shows under Showtime’s wing. Started by Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge as the lead characters, the show is being produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

‘City on a Hill’ had its first premiere on June 7, 2019, where it was released online. Following its success among fan viewers, Showtime released its own premiere a week later. With the latest season has ended on May 16, fans have been waiting for someone to tell them that ‘City on a Hill’ will return for a third season.

A new Assistant DA is assigned to clean up the mess in a city filled with criminals and outlaws emboldened by corrupt law agencies. But like a bunny in a lion’s den, DeCourcy Ward finds himself amidst a barrage of criminal opposition that seems to be beyond his understanding. With the help of an FBI agent who believes that the ends justify the means, Ward charges for taking on notorious criminals.

City on a Hill Season 3: Renewal

With the last episode having aired on Showtime on May 16, fans were left without a clue about the third season renewal. On June 2, an Instagram post by actor Aldis Hodge teased the fans about the renewal of ‘City on a Hill’ for a third season. And to confirm the fact, it didn’t take co-star Kevin Bacon to validate the renewal of ‘City on a Hill’ season 3.

City on a Hill Season 3: Release Date

Unfortunately for fans, there has been no official release date for ‘City on a Hill’ Season 3. Looking at the first two seasons, Showtime managed a release date in the middle of the year. So following the same trend, if production doesn’t get delayed, the third season of ‘City on a Hill’ should find a release date somewhere in mid-2022.

City on a Hill Season 3: Episodes

Since it is too early in the production phase, there has been no official episode count for ‘City on a Hill’ season 3. This is because the first season had 10 episodes, whereas the second season only had 8 episodes. This could majorly be due to the pandemic situation, so there are chances that ‘City on a Hill’ might go back to featuring 10 episodes.


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