Claire Duggar Pregnant?! Is Her First Baby On The Way?

Since Justin and Claire Duggar tied the knot in February, Counting On fans have been wondering if she is pregnant. Rumors about her being pregnant have circulated, but nothing has come from them yet. Often, the Duggar kids end up starting their families shortly after they get married, so a pregnancy announcement wouldn’t come as a surprise.

As we reported, fans thought she might have been pregnant when she was counting in terms of weeks rather than months. Counting On viewers argued that she would not necessarily count in weeks if she wasn’t pregnant. In the comments section of a social post, someone commented congratulating her on her pregnancy, but it’s unclear if the person actually knows Claire. Other clues have popped up before too, but there’s still no news.

Now, another hint about Claire being pregnant has surfaced.

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Did Claire Duggar go to Arkansas to tell Justin’s family she’s pregnant?

As we reported, Justin’s sister Jinger Vuolo took a huge step and was baptized on Sunday. Since she lives in Los Angeles, California and the rest of the Duggars live in Arkansas, many of them tuned in via live stream. When Jinger shared about her baptism on social media, she also posted a photo of her family watching the live stream from home.

Interestingly, Justin and Claire are at the Duggar family’s home, despite the couple living in Texas near Claire’s family. This sparked a conversation about why Justin and Claire went to Arkansas. While they could have gone to watch the live stream, they easily could have tuned in from their home in Texas. So, it seems like they had another reason to be in town.

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On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are discussing the couple’s appearance at the family’s home. Some of them think that the couple could have traveled to Arkansas to make a special announcement to the Duggar family. One user speculates, “Maybe they were visiting to make an announcement that will surprise no one.”

One critic, however, doesn’t think that Claire looks pregnant in the photo. They wrote, “Me staring down Claire’s stomach to see if there’s a bump 🤓 So far happy to report there probably won’t be a teen-dad in the immediate future.”

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure whether Claire is expecting until she announces it herself. So, fans will have to wait and see what happens.

So, do you think that Justin and Claire Duggar will reveal that she’s pregnant soon? Or do you think they are enjoying their time as a married couple? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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