Clean-queen reveals how to revive even the filthiest of kettles – but everyone is saying EXACTLY the same thing

CLEANING the appliances in your kitchen is one of those jobs that you can easily keep putting off.

But one person let their kettle get so grimy only a professional could come in and sort it out.


TikToker Aurika Tariina showed herself cleaning this filthy coffee pot[/caption]


Next she scrubbed the inside of the machine and rinsed the water out[/caption]


The cleaning influencer then poured away the grimy water[/caption]

Clean Queen Aurika Tariina uploaded a video of herself blitzing a filthy coffee pot.

The influencer, who has more than 4.3 million followers, started by spraying and scrubbing the outside of the machine with a washing up brush.

She then scraped away at the dirt and limescale encrusted on the inside and poured the resulting black liquid down the sink.

Finally she transformed the opaque coffee pot into a gleaming glass jug and replaced it on the machine.

While the transformation was remarkable, not all her fans were impressed as they had a different suggestion for the appliance.

One said: “Some things should just be thrown away.”

Another agreed: “You have patience, I would have thrown it away.”

While a third said: “That’s when you buy a new one.”


After all the elbow grease the coffee machine was good as new[/caption]

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