Cleaning expert reveals key to having fluffy towels is to use white vinegar and to avoid fabric softener

NOTHING beats a lovely fresh, fluffy towel after jumping out the shower or climbing out of the bath, but far too often towels can quickly become hard and crispy, causing them to feel rough on the skin. 

If you’ve noticed that your towels have become a little rough, then you might be wondering what you can do to return them to that ‘like new’ fluffiness. Luckily, one cleaning enthusiast has found the perfect method to restore any towel back to its former glory.  


The first step is to add scent boosters to the drumCredit: TikTok
A laundry pod is added to the drum


A laundry pod is added to the drumCredit: TikTok

According to TikTok ‘cleanfluencer’ Kira Louise, how soft your towels are is down to how you clean them – and you’ve most likely been washing them all wrong. 

Kira shared a video on her TikTok channel, where she posts as @cleanwith_kiraa, captioned: “Fluffy towels!”. The now-viral video shares Kira’s top tips for ensuring that towels remain wonderfully soft and fluffy. 

The ‘cleanfluencer’ starts the video by explaining that the method is: “How I wash my towels”. 

Kira then adds a scoop of pink scent boosters to her washing machine drum, followed by a laundry pod, and a cap of white vinegar. 

To measure the white vinegar, she uses the cap off of a bottle of laundry detergent. 

In the comments section, the cleaning enthusiast explains that she uses a laundry cap because: “They’re safe to go in the wash and it makes it easier to measure out the vinegar”. 

Kira explained: “White vinegar helps to keep them fluffy and removes odours – I use a whole cap”. 

She then explains that she avoids using softener for her towels and washes the towels on a 40 degree wash. 

In the comments section, Kira explains that she doesn’t use softener because: “It weighs them down and the product builds up on them”. 

The third step is to add white vinegar


The third step is to add white vinegarCredit: TikTok
The woman uses a cap to measure the vinegar


The woman uses a cap to measure the vinegarCredit: TikTok

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