Cleaning expert shares the easy way she stops dust collecting ANYWHERE

NIFTY cleaning tricks could halve the time you’re spending on your household dusting.

If your technique mainly consists of wiping with a damp cloth, we’re about to introduce some game-changing hacks to your repertoire.


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Fabulous spoke to Wendy Mallins, cleaning expert and editor of home and lifestyle website Daisies & Pie , who revealed the inside tricks her team uses to keep things spick and span.

All you need to think about now is how to spend all the extra time you’ll have on your hands!


If you’ve ever dusted your houseplants and thought there must be a simpler solution, spoiler alert: There is.

Wendy says: “Houseplants always get dusty – and they’re so easy to clean using a hairdryer.

“Just put the hairdryer onto the cold setting and gently blow the dust from the leaves.

“It’ll just take you a couple of minutes and keep the plants looking good.”

This is also a handy trick for book shelves and saves you emptying the whole shelf to clean them.

She adds: “Just blow the dust off using the cold setting and then vacuum up the dust from the floor when you’re done.”

Behind radiators

All you need to clean the pesky dust trap behind radiators is a bendy ruler and a tumble dryer sheet.

Wendy explains: “Just wrap the dryer sheet around the ruler and then fasten with a hair bobble.

“Then slide it down the back of the radiator to clean out the dust.”

Venetian blinds

Wendy advises cleaning these dust magnets regularly to avoid build-up.

She says: “The best way to keep them clean in the quickest time is to clean them often.

“Get yourself a big sock, the fluffy ones work best, put it onto your hand and use it to run quickly along each blind slat, cleaning off the dust as you go. Easy!”

Keyboards and electronics

Say bye-bye to the dust, crumbs and other debris that’s gathered in the nooks and crannies of your electronics.

Wendy says: “I clean these quickly and easily using a can of compressed air.

“This is brilliant stuff, a few quick blasts of compressed air will clean keyboards super-fast.”

Small ornaments and other fiddly areas

You can avoid the risk of smashing the family heirloom by using a soft, clean make-up brush for dusting.

Wendy explains: “These act like mini feather dusters and can get into any areas where dust accumulates.

“It’s the quickest way to clean small ornaments properly and gently so they don’t get damaged.”

Lamp shades

Don’t even think about picking up the vacuum cleaner for this job.

Wendy says: “Using a lint roller on lamp shades really brings them up nicely.

“Just roll it up and down the lampshade picking up all the dust as you go.

“It’s quick and super easy to do. “

Tumble dryer vents

The best tool for this task can be found in the unlikeliest of places: Children’s painting kits.

Wendy says: “The small sponge brushes are brilliant for just running along the little vent slats and keeping them dust free – which is super important for tumble dryers!”

REVEALING how to dust in behind hard to reach spots, and the common places we forget.

Walls and cornices

Even walls get dusty over time, but they can be cleaned quickly and easily using a microfibre cloth attached to a sweeping brush.

Wendy says: “Just wrap the cloth around the bristles, secure it with elastic bands and then gently move the brush up and down the walls to remove any dust from high up.

“You can also use this to dust cornices and ceiling features.”

Wine glasses

A piece of paper is all you need to save yourself the task of ever needing to polish your glassware.

Wendy explains: “The best thing to do is to store the glass together with similar glasses and then place a sheet of paper on top of them.

“This stops the dust from collecting in the glasses or in the decorative features.

“Although… the best way to keep them dust free is to fill them with wine!”

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Cleaning expert reveals how to dust your home efficiently


Cleaning expert reveals how to dust your home efficientlyCredit: Getty – Contributor
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