Cleaning expert shows the peculiar way to get rid of smudges on glass – and it’s actually genius

EVER wondered what cleaning product does NOT leave any streaks on your oven glass, which is most likely covered in grease?

Well, this woman who shares tons of cleaning content found the perfect product to leave her oven glass looking sparkling new.



A woman showed her trick to achieve a streak-free ovenCredit: Tiktok @mama_mila_

She wiped her oven down with shaving cream


She wiped her oven down with shaving creamCredit: Tiktok @mama_mila_

Chantel Mila, who is a star on social media with more than 430K followers on TikTok, suggested using a personal hygiene product instead.

“Buff in shaving cream and keep fingerprint away on your oven glass,” she recommended as she herself used a cloth to clean the kitchen appliance.

On top of buffing your oven glass with shaving cream, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove grease spots on the inside.

This TikTok man, who runs the account Problem Solved, said that the first thing you need to do is clear up your space and that means removing the crates inside the oven.

You can put them on top of a towel or inside the sink to avoid getting whatever grease is on them anywhere else.

Next, you’ll want to clear out the bigger pieces of food that may have slipped through the crates and are now laying burnt at the bottom of the oven.

You can either wipe them down or use a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure to vacuum underneath the oven, as well, by removing the bottom drawer completely.

You’ll want to avoid any harsh chemicals that may cause irritation to your skin, eyes, or throat and opt for a more natural alternative.

Mix baking soda and water to create a thick white paste.

Using a sponge or rag, wipe the thick paste all over the oven.

You’ll want to focus on any of the dark spots in the oven itself and the door, but remember to avoid putting the paste on the coils in the back.

You can then leave it for a few hours or let it sit overnight so it can work its magic.

The paste will loosen up the grease and will actually cling to the baking soda, making it super easy to wipe down.

Once it’s time to wipe, use a little bit of water on your sponge to break down the baking soda.

The oven was spotless after she wiped it down with shaving cream


The oven was spotless after she wiped it down with shaving creamCredit: Tiktok @mama_mila_

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