Cleaning fan shares how to get stains out of rugs in seconds and a saucepan lid is your secret weapon

CLEANING your rug can be difficult and dry cleaners can be costly – when something gets spilled on it you may even consider throwing it out.

THIS cleaning hack shows an easy way to clean your rug using simple household items.


This cleaning hack is a way to scrub your rug in minutesCredit: @lifehacks.ho/Tiktok

Uploaded to a TikTok platform labelled @lifehacks.ho, which has 1.9 million followers, the video reveals how to clean your rug using only a damp cloth and the lid of a saucepan.

In the video that has over 27 K views it demonstrates how you roll out your rug on the floor, lay down a damp cloth, place a saucepan head on the cloth and use the handle to rotate the cloth around the rug.

The hack is takes only a few minutes and is so cost efficient.

On the channel the same hack is used on a fabric sofa, to remove pet hair in seconds.

The video titled “life hacks for you” is met with enthusiastic comments from people looking to try the new cleaning hack.

“Finally, hacks I may use! Thank you” commented one woman, while others tagged their friends to share the new idea.

Far from the only cleaning hack available on the platform, views love this TikTok hack on “stripping” your rugs.

Melissa Mason, from Chesterfield, England, posted on Facebook to reveal the incredible results after strip washing her rug, proving that fabric softener is the answer.

Using half a box of bicarb, one washing pod, and two caps of fabric softener, she soaked the rug in the bathtub for four hours, before rinsing in the shower until the water ran clear.

Posting in the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, Melissa before and after photos of her bath water which left viewers horrified.

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NINTCHDBPICT000675287420Credit: @lifehacks.ho/Tiktok
Video reveals how to clean a rug in MINUTES using simple household items

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