Cleaning fanatic uses paracetamol hack to get stubborn burn marks off iron

A cleaning fanatic has revealed how she used a paracetamol hack to get burn marks completely off of her iron.

The woman, named Vicky, took to a Mrs Hinch Facebook group to share the cleaning hack.

The groups see fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch share their own tips and tricks to keep the house tidy.

And Vicky’s went down a storm as it went viral – racking more nearly 3,000 likes.

The cleaning fan shared before and after photos of her iron as she spoke about the hack.

The before photo saw the device covered in burn marks, while in the after shot it was restored to being perfectly clean.

Captioning the post, Vicky wrote: “Just used an uncoated paracetamol tablet, held in a pair of tweezers.

“Allow the iron to heat, and rub the paracetamol in circles, the burn marks just wipe away!!

“Who would have guessed paracetamol could be used to clean an iron??!!”

People couldn’t believe the results, as one person exclaimed: “That’s amazing!!!”

Another added: “Ooh, I will remember this trick, thanks.”

A third chimed in: “Ah thanks, I need this.”

Iron without burn marks
People were amazed at the results
(Image: Mrs Hinch cleaning tips and tricks/ Facebook)

While a fourth, who had clearly tried out the trick, wrote: “Works wonders.”

The post comes after Mrs Hinch fans also shared simple cleaning hacks which make sure bins don’t smell in another Facebook post.

The suggestions came after one member shared a photo of their bin, writing: “My bin constantly stinks, I have to change it 3 times a week, even if it’s empty it smells and we’ve given it a shower. Any recommendations on how to make it smell nicer, thanks.”

People rushed to help the man out, as one suggested: “I use bin buddy my bin never smells when I use that inside the black bags.”

While another wrote: “Zoflora disinfectant wash out and thoroughly dried.”

A third chimed in: “Change my bin liner every day food is separate bags.”

While a fourth said: “Let the bin dry before putting in new bag.”

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