Cleaning obsessed woman reveals how to get sweat stains out of shirts with just two ingredients

FED UP of all the sweaty pit stains on yours or your families clothes?

Well look no further, one cleaning obsessed woman has revealed how she tackles the stubborn stains and the best part is you probably already have the two ingredients you need.

Tanya shared how to remove sweat stains even from whitesCredit: Instagram/@tanyahomeinspo

Tanya, who often shares home inspo and cleaning hacks on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, tanyahomeinspo shared this hack recently on her accounts.

In the video, Tanya takes a white shirt with sweat stains and uses it demonstrate her hack.

She then uses her trusted washing up liquid and baking soda and mixes them together until they form a paste.

Tanya then applies the paste directly to the stains and uses a brush to scrub out the stain.

In the caption, Tanya writes: “One of my all time favourite party tricks.

“Sweat stains can be a pain to get out especially on white clothes. I have a simple solution its so quick and easy and mess free.

“Baking soda and washing up liquid until it turns into a paste, spread a generous amount over the stain and use a brush to scrub it out.

“BTW it works on most stains.

“Your welcome.”

The white shirt comes out looking good as new.

Washing up liquid and baking soda is a well known power-couple in the world of cleaning and can be used for lots of different cleaning tasks.

Lots of people were impressed by Tanya’s hack, which she says works on most stains.

“I pulled one of my workout shirts out of the dryer today and noticed sweat stains,” they added: “I’ll definitely be trying this out!”

Another user commented: “You are talented in providing such tips.This is the main challenge sweat stain on white clothes.”

A third user replied: “Thank you so much!! I can’t tell you how many t-shirts I have thrown out because of this.”

Tanya uses baking soda and washing up liquid as paste


Tanya uses baking soda and washing up liquid as pasteCredit: Instagram/@tanyahomeinspo

The tops come out good as new


The tops come out good as newCredit: Instagram/@tanyahomeinspo

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