Clever dad shares the cheeky note he writes to make his kids do chores & it works every time

FROM the second they get home from school, it’s basically impossible to get our kids off their games consoles – except to break for dinner of course.

So in order to get them to do their homework and chores, we usually have to resort to some sort of bargaining – that is, until now.


The clever dad hid the Xbox power cord from his kids so they’d do their choresCredit: Facebook

That’s right, one clever dad might have just cracked this whole parenting thing thanks to a cheeky note which keeps his kids in line.

Instead of just trusting they’ll do their chores when asked, the parent gets his children to send a photo when they’ve completed each task.

The note – which was shared on the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas – reads: “Unload and reload the dishwasher – then take a pic of it.

“Then walk the dog and take a pic of it.”


Only when they’ve completed these tasks will the dad allow the kids to enjoy some downtime.

He added: “Send me both pictures and I’ll tell you where the power cord for your Xbox is. Thanks!”

Needless to say, other parents in the Facebook group went wild for the idea.

Chiming in with their idea, one replied: “I turned off WiFi for an hour until chores were done last weekend. Worked a treat to get people moving.”

Another added: “Now this is fantastic!”

Meanwhile, a third gushed: “This is genius!”

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