Clumsy delivery driver caught on camera in hilarious Ring door bell fail

Everyone has their clumsy moments now and again, some more than others.

And one unlucky delivery driver’s awkward moment was caught on camera, which has now gone viral on video sharing platform TikTok.

TikToker @benyv1 shared a recording from his Ring doorbell, which captured a food delivery worker bashing his elbow on the man’s metal front gate.

The gaffe left the driver in pain, which led to him swearing loudly.

After giving his elbow a good whack, the clumsy chap paces back and forth rubbing his arm.

The viral TikTok video has now racked up over 2.5 million views and has garnered more than 131,000 likes.

A delivery driver’s blunder was caught on camera

People quickly took to the comment section to show their love for the delivery driver’s hilarious reaction.

One user commented: “The British swear with perfection.”

Another person added: “It gets funnier the more you watch it.”

A third user could relate to the poor man’s blunder: “I once tripped up the stairs to a customer’s door with a Ring doorbell… only a matter of time till I see myself on here.”

We will keep our eyes posted for that one…

A delivery driver's blunder was caught on camera
The bloke swore and rubbed his elbow after banging it

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