Cobra snake found in White House Apartments

A resident of the White House Apartments in Dwarka, India, was shocked to find a cobra snake upon his return home.


He spotted the six-foot venomous serpent as he parked his vehicle at around 9:30pm outside the apartment block and quickly raised the alarm.

The management committee of the block said: “As soon as we knew about the snake, we cordoned the area so that no one could approach the particular space.”

The rescue was a lengthy one, taking almost four hours to complete.

The committee said: “We called the wildlife people. They came and rescued the snake. The whole process ended around 1am.”

President of the committee Sanjay Rastogi told CitySpidey: ““People who came from the wildlife department said that the snake would come from the open space around the society. After rescuing the snake, the wildlife people did a spray of chemical to remove any smell of the snake so that its pair could not approach to the society following that smell.”


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