Cockapoo’s uncanny impression of Princess Diana stuns the internet with iconic pose

Princess Diana was well known for her iconic hairstyle, renowned for her sense of fashion, and a much-loved member of the Royal Family.

She had a signature doe-eyed look from beneath her haircut – and one cockapoo has absolutely nailed their impression of Lady Diana Spencer.

The look – recreated by Emma Corrin in The Crown – sees Diana tilt her chin down slightly, looking up out of the corner of her eyes, giving an air of shyness.

The cockapoo absolutely mastered the sweet stare, captured on camera by John O’Sullivan, who posted the snap to Twitter.

Originally tweeted out in 2015, the post has resurfaced this week, gaining over 400 retweets.

The post simply read: “Here is my friend’s dog doing an impression of Princess Diana.”

The likeness was uncanny, with internet users unable to deny the likeliness between the cute pup and the late Princess Di.

Since the tweet resurfaced, other dog owners have rushed to find pictures of their dogs looking like Princess Diana – but none come close to the accuracy of this one.

One fan wrote: “aha thanks for much-needed Monday morning laugh.”

A second added: “So, so funny!”

Another Twitter user said: “It is literally ‘Diana face’.”

When Elizabeth Debicki takes over as Diana in The Crown season 5, she knows which pup to take her tips from!

Do you think the dog nailed Diana’s expression? Let us know in the comments below!

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