Cocker spaniel FaceTimes aunt to complain about mum in funny TikTok trend

The trend has been taking TikTok by storm, with owners coming up with a range of very serious puppy woes in the calls

Millie the cocker spaniel rings her Auntie Rachel

Is your phone ringing? Make sure you pick it up, because it just might be your dog trying to FaceTime you for a very important conversation.

The trend of dogs FaceTiming their owners for hilarious reasons has been taking TikTok by storm, as seen in these two clips.

The videos, which come from TikTok users @moosiethemastiff and @fionameikle, are part of the trend, and show a cocker spaniel and a Mastiff attempting to ring people through Facetime for funny reasons.

In the first we see Millie the cocker spaniel calling her auntie Rachel because her mum won’t give her the full pack of ham.

The dog’s droopy ears are seen hanging over the screen as she waits for her auntie to pick up the phone as a dial tone can be heard.

This Mastiff, called Moosie, was captured calling her dad because the ball had fallen in the deep end of the pool and her mother says she won’t fetch it for her anymore.

The caption reads: “Facetiming dad because the ball fell in the pool for the 176th time this morning and mom said she’s not getting it for me anymore.”

The video of Moosie over 611,000 views and over 56,000 likes, while the video of the cocker spaniel has over 250,000 views and almost 15,000 likes.

Viewers were clearly entertained by the two clips, with one commenting on Moosie’s video: “You better get that baby his ball.”

One commenter on the clip of Millie wrote: “Get her told Millie, that’s shocking.”

A third added: “I don’t think I have ever seen anything as cute.”

The TikTok trend has seen owners pairing the FaceTime ringtone with their adorable dogs looking down at the camera while telling their relatives about a range of very serious puppy woes.


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