Colby Covington vs. Vicente Luque Usman Kamaru.


Vicente Luque is confident that Kamaru Usman will defeat Colby Covington in their upcoming rematch at UFC 268. Usman stopped Covington in the fifth round of their first fight at UFC 245. During the fight, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ broke Covington’s jaw with a devastating straight right. Surging welterweight contender Vicente Luque weighed in on the rematch between Usman and Covington in an interview with Brendan Schaub on an episode of The Food Truck Diaries. While praising Covington’s skills in the octagon, Luque predicted that the rematch’s outcome would be similar to the first:

“I don’t see a good night for Colby..” I believe it will be a tough fight, but you never know, Colby could be working on something else. He’s tough, he talks nonsense, but he’s tough. People in Brazil dislike him, and there’s no way to like him, but he’s a tough guy. You have to give it to him as a fighter, but I don’t think Kamaru will win again. That’s what I’m seeing, and I’d say he’s my favorite. Vicente Luque explains why he wants Kamaru Usman to win his rematch with Colby Covington at UFC 268

Vicente Luque will also be rooting for Kamaru Usman in his rematch with Covington for a different reason. Luque believes he will be the next in line to fight for the title if Usman retains it against Covington. Luque also noted that he is one of the few top contenders who has yet to face Usman:

“For me, it also works out because I believe if he keeps the title, I’m the only guy who hasn’t fought him, so it’ll be good for me too,” Luque said.

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington will fight in the main event of UFC 268 at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 6, 2021.

It’s hard to believe how good UFC 268 looks

It’s hard to believe how good UFC 268 looks by Jack Cunningham.



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