Coldplay’s Chris Martin gifts BTS’s Jin a guitar that he was playing since 2012

On September 24, BTS’s Jin shared two cute photos on his Twitter. The caption to them was thanking Chris Martin for gifting him his favorite guitar. It happened very organically: Jin said that his guitar looks cool, and Chris Martin immediately decided to give it to Jin! The post was adorable since Jin wrote it in a style of a diary note.



The present seems even more meaningful after fans find out that it was Chris Martin’s favorite guitar that he used to play since 2012. Jin is going to keep it as a family treasure now!


Fans of BTS and Coldplay started dreaming of seeing an interaction of Jin and Chris Martin ever since Jin went viral after the cover of “Fix You,” which he performed very beautifully and skillfully.




Previously, Jin also received a bunch of “Love Buttons” that Chris wears all the time. Fans commented with: “Everyone who meets Jin gets charmed by him.”


Jin is now the luckiest fan of Coldplay!

He is also a skillful guitarist so let’s hope we will see him playing on this guitar! 

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