Common Causes Of Dizziness

While dizziness is not the most ideal feeling in the world, it can be caused by simple and temporary things in your life. According to the Mayo Clinic, vertigo can be caused by a temporary inner ear problem, issues with your sensory nerves, and trouble with eye focus, as the eyes help you determine which direction your body moves.

Of course, vertigo is not the only type of dizziness and more general dizziness can be caused by medications you might be taking, dehydration, motion sickness when in a car or on a boat, anxiety, a quick drop in blood pressure, and even over-exercising, according to Healthline. The Mayo Clinic reported that even some viral infections can cause dizziness, as well as underlying conditions like Meniere’s disease, which is characterized by excessive fluid that builds up in your inner ear. Even a severe headache like a dreaded migraine can also cause a person to feel temporarily dizzy.

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