Common plants that could be deadly for your dog – check your garden

With Brits having to spend more time in our gardens than jetting off abroad this summer, our outside living spaces have given us a bit of bliss.

However, some of the plants we once thought were harmless could actually be harming our furry companions.

As we get closer to the bank holiday weekend, animal charity Guide Dogs has released a shocking survey.

Research revealed over 65% of UK dogs, approximately 7.8 million, are exposed to poisonous plants in their own gardens.

According to the survey 72% of people with pet dogs do not research what plants could be poisonous for our pups.

The Guide Dogs survey found that 39% of dog owners are oblivious that certain plants can induce sickness when ingested. With over half (51%) unaware it could even prove fatal.

Check your garden for plants that may be putting your dog at risk

Fear not though, we have included below some of the plant world’s biggest culprits to make sure your dog has as much fun in the sun as you can:

  • Daffodils

  • Tulips

  • Clematis

  • Geranium

  • Hydrangeas

If your pooch does take a liking to these flowers and they are ingested, symptoms include stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Dr Helen Whiteside, Head of Research at Guide Dogs, commented on the situation: “As we ready ourselves for the August bank holiday spent in the back garden hosting family and friends, gardening fever kicks in, but it’s important owners put your dog’s welfare front of mind when planning a garden.

“As much as you would consider light and soil type when buying plants, ensure you think of dog friendliness too.

“Our canine companions are curious by nature and explore the world through their hypersensitive sense of smell and taste – if you invite a dog to share your home you have to ensure it is a safe space for them too.

“Make sure you check the labels carefully and do your research on what plants will work best.”

If you are now going to have to pull up some of your garden then Jonathan Smith, one of the designers of the Guide Dogs 90th anniversary garden for the Chelsea Flower Show, has suggested that the best dog friendly plants are, “roses, lilies, hollyhocks and camellias.”

Make sure you keep a watchful eye on your pet pups this weekend!

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