Conor McGregor ‘Will Call Police’ On UFC Star?

At UFC 264, Conor McGregor finally faced off against Dustin Poirier in the main event of the show. With expectations off the roof, fans simply could not tell who was going to become the winner of the fight. Conor McGregor would go on to fracture his ankle at the end of the first round and this resulted in Dustin Poirier winning the fight via a TKO.

Conor McGregor is known to go after people whenever he feels like it and it seems The Notorious did that once again in a series of tweets, as he took aim at Daniel Cormier and deleted the tweets afterwards. Conor McGregor recently took a shot at Daniel Cormier’s weight and then work ethic and accused Cormier of commentating on his UFC 264 fight with Daniel Cormier while being inebriated.

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping recently spoke on his Believe You Me podcast, where he went after Conor McGregor for his comments on Daniel Cormier. Bisping stated that Daniel Cormier would tear Conor McGregor limb from limb.

“I’m just gonna say this: be careful what you wish for, careful who you’re picking fights with. I’m not disrespecting Conor McGregor, but I don’t care what kind of McGregor it is, whether it is the double champ Conor McGregor… DC (Daniel Cormier) is gonna fu****g pull you limb from limb. He can do it one-handed, he can do it with one eye, two eyes, no eyes, he can do it after (drinking) 25 Modelos. That ain’t a fight. That is murder. That is assault. Somebody call the cops.”

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