Coors Light Selling Weighted Hoodie to Ease the Stress of Football Season

Coors Light has started selling weighted hoodies to help ease football fans’ stress during this year’s football season. “Interceptions, injuries and touchdowns can all lead to high levels of anxiety, screaming obscenities at your TV or sometimes throwing the nearest object you can find,” the company said in a release, citing a study originally conducted in 2017. inspired by the science of weighted blankets and their effects on lowering stress levels, Coors Light has developed a weighted sweatshirt to keep fans “chill” for the “chillest season ever.”

“When you experience anxiety before or during a game, it’s not your imagination,” says Michael Grabowski, Ph.D, professor of communication at Manhattan College, per NBC News.”A few studies have shown that sports fans can have intense anxiety before a big game, just like the players themselves. This includes both cognitive anxiety and somatic anxiety, like butterflies in the stomach or other physical expressions of anxiety.” According to licensed professional counselor and clinical director David Ezell, fans are liable to start feeling anxious because of the mirror neurons in a human’s body that allow people to understand outside points of view. The neurons allow people to step outside of their experiences to step into the shoes of someone else’s life and envision how another person may feel in certain situations. “These feelings are magnified when we are watching a football team or player we are fans of because we ‘know’ them,” says Ezell. “When we see them on the field we are experiencing a portion of the feelings they are having because our mirror neurons are at work.”

With 10 pounds of weighted blanket technology, stress-relieving fabric, and cozy air knit lining, the sweatshirts are expertly designed to hold those who wear them down while sitting under the tense moments of the NFL season. The hoodies have been available for purchase since Tuesday, Aug. 31. Those looking to purchase one can find them online at for $150.

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