Corey Rathgeber: Should He Leave Evelin for the Mysterious Jenny From Peru?

With the explosive return of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way for Season 3, we’re seeing familiar stars.

On the premiere, it was revealed that Corey cheated on Evelin while they were “on a break.”

He met a new girl, Jenny, while spending a month in Peru … and he’s still hiding part of that story from his fiancee.

But a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans are saying that if Corey wants to ditch Evelin and go back to his Peruvian fling, he has their blessing.

As is always the case for 90 Day Fiance premieres, the first episode had a lot of introductions and recaps.

Obviously, most of us have followed Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas closely since they were last on screen.

But for some viewers, a recap was sorely needed.

flashback of Corey Rathgeber proposing

Soon after Corey and Evelin went through how they met, fell in love, and became engaged, there was a shift.

Suddenly, they were catching up viewers on what had transpired since they last appeared on screen.

With the aid of some footage, mostly shot by themselves, they explained how they had not rushed into marriage.

Evelin Villegas - I wasn't ready to marry him yet

Evelin determined that Corey was not living up to some of his promises, so she decided that they needed a break.

In her mind, this was not a breakup, but more of a warning that Corey could lose her if he didn’t shape up.

But that is now how Corey saw it. He was devastated.

Corey Rathgeber was miserable, decided to go to Peru

Corey, seen here looking despondent and thirst-trappy, went to Peru.

It was cheap, the surf was good, and he wanted to clear his head.

He spent a month there before returning to Ecuador.

Corey Rathgeber returned to Ecuador after a month ... then COVID hit

When Corey came back to Ecuador, his intention was to pack up his things and leave.

Instead, the timing was awkward — but arguably to his and Evelin’s benefit.

The horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and shut down everything, leaving them stuck together.

Evelin Villegas - if we weren't stuck in quarantine

Between economic pressures, some people’s brains totally melting in response to reasonable precautions, and lockdown, a lot of couples have split because of COVID.

Corey and Evelin, however, would have split without lockdown.

Instead, it forced them to work on their relationship … and they ended up staying together.

Coray Rathgeber

Evelin was not pleased when she learned that Corey had been hanging out with another beautiful young woman.

He assured Evelin that, among other things, he had only hung out with Jenny from Peru for about four days.

While he had been under the impression that he and Evelin were over, Evelin felt betrayed.

Evelin Villegas quotes Corey - "I tried it once but I couldn't get it up"

Evelin confessed during the premiere that, though she still loves Corey, it was harder to trust him after learning this.

No matter what did or did not happen, he put himself in that position with another young woman.

Staying together and moving forward didn’t mean that Evelin could just ignore that.

Evelin Villegas - it's very hard for me to trust him

That is wise of her … because Corey was not telling her everything.

As Corey confided to the cameras, he hadn’t told Evelin the whole truth of what happened with Jenny in Peru.

Whether it was the scope of the relationship or something else, he knows that Evelin will be unhappy when she finds out.

Corey Rathgeber isn't telling Evelin everything about Jenny

Well, viewers were quick to take to social media after the premiere.

A number reiterated past claims that Evelin is “a user” who doesn’t have good intentions or genuine love for Corey.

Others think that she loves him, but just isn’t good for him because she’s “rude.”

Corey Rathgeber and Jenny From Peru

With this in mind, a number of fans gave voice to the idea that Corey might be better off with Jenny.

That’s a bit of a leap, since all that we know about Jenny is that she’s pretty and spent some time in Peru in very early 2020.

The contempt for Evelin is clear. But is it really warranted? That’s a matter of significant debate.

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